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3D Printing

3D Printing Jewelry Services

A&A Jewelry Service & Casting’s 3D printing jewelry services utilize a Projet MJP 2500 3D printer, that lets them print precision rigid and elastomeric parts with true-to-CAD accuracy. The models made on this machine demonstrate the most superior surface finish and high quality edge fidelity for true functionality testing. This cutting-edge 3D printing technology ensures that your designs will be grown in wax the cleanest and most efficient way for premium casting. For higher volume production, The Projet MJP 2500 3D printer can be utilized 24/7 for optimum throughput and enhanced lead times.

A&A will consult customers on submitted drawings to ensure that designs are optimal for 3D printing.

A&A’s investment in these technologies has helped them earn their reputation as one of the premier jewelry manufacturers in the United States and has given them the ability to provide the quickest and most consistent lead times for high volume jewelry production. A&A all can provide wax building for prototypes and one-off orders for a nominal fee.

All drawings submitted are kept completely confidential, and non-disclosure agreements are encouraged to provide the customer with the utmost confidence that their cherished designs are in good hands.

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